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Brax Chuck Trousers


This 5 Pocket Chuck Hi-Flex cotton blend jean (Slim fit) great for the fall and winter from Brax is made to give increased feel and durability. The jean is cut with a slimmer leg fit to give the best fit possible with modern stitching.

Experience the total freedom to be a man! These trousers go with any lifestyle! They offer unlimited movement and luxury comfort. Because they use the latest dual-core yarn, Chuck trousers have an extremely durable form and always retain their shape. They have 60% elasticity – just like human skin. Feel Good all the time!

Hi-FLEX is an exclusive development by BRAX. It combines first-class materials into a super-elastic quality with a very good stretch and recovery ratio. The five-pocket trousers in the Chuck style therefore retain their fit at all times. In compliance with social and ecological standards, Blue Planet identifies products at BRAX that are both sustainable and authentic. Just like these modern five-pocket trousers. Above all, the combination of Hi-FLEX and the contemporary design characterize the high-quality look of this five-pocket. The five-pocket trousers for men are presented in a sporty cotton mix and in a slim fit with narrow legs. Stylish look with a fashionable structure, autumnal colors and distinctive quilting. Stretch for every occasion - extremely comfortable. 

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